Our Philosophy

We believe that the most important element to our business is the client. Everything we do, everything we aspire to do and everything we deliver is designed around you. Getting the right financial advice in an uncertain world where change is constant is now more important than ever. This is where we can help

Our Service Proposition

At Tees Financial, we are in the unique position of being able to combine first class financial planning with high quality legal advice from our colleagues atTees Law.

Our aim is to create a wealth strategy with you and to provide excellent advice and an unsurpassed service. In short, a client experience that you would not find elsewhere.

We have a six stage financial planning process which consists of:

  • An initial meeting
  • Understanding your needs and objectives
  • A detailed analysis of your existing situation and potential solutions
  • Developing an appropriate strategy
  • Implementing that strategy with you
  • Reviewing our advice to ensure it remains suitable

The initial meeting allows us to identify your objectives (which includes an in-depth analysis of your attitude to risk and your capacity for loss). We will then work together to design and develop an appropriate strategy in order to achieve your goals. Our recommendations will be explained in straightforward terms because we want you to be confident that the financial decisions that you take are well informed, well planned and sensible.

Our clients are extremely important to us and we expect to form long-term relationships with them. This enables us to provide advice that isn’t just suitable today but which continues to be suitable throughout their lifetime. Investments and financial products change as do the laws that affect them. Your circumstances will also change and having a trusted adviser to turn to is essential.

We believe that a successful working relationship is based on mutual trust and understanding which helps you to create, manage and protect your wealth. Our holistic approach to wealth management ensures that we consider all aspects of your financial situation and provides:

  • A highly professional service
  • Wide ranging investment choices
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Flexibility
  • Ongoing advice and reviews
  • Value for money

Our team of advisers is both highly qualified and experienced. We also have excellent support in terms of our administration processes, research resource and technical back-up.

Tees Financial is not connected to any one provider and so we can offer a whole of market approach for the range of products upon which we can advise.

Tees Financial Risk Graded Portfolios

Together with FE ( a leading fund research company), we have developed a range of risk-graded portfolios. Having identified your objectives and attitude to risk, we would invest your money in a portfolio which is designed to meet your needs. However, unlike many other risk graded solutions which are available, we can alter these portfolios to suit your individual needs, objectives and views. We do not operate a ‘one size fits all’ policy.

Other Solutions

Risk graded portfolios will not suit everyone. Therefore, having understood your requirements and attitude to risk, we may recommend an alternative solution. This will depend on the funds to be invested, the complexity of your situation and the level of ongoing service that you require

Advisory Portfolios

For clients with larger portfolios who may be more experienced investors and would like direct access to a fund manager, we have an in-house advisory team. Led by Dominic Sheehan, the team operates a number of portfolios using equities, bonds, investment trusts, exchange traded funds and collectives to help achieve your objectives.


We aim to provide you with a flexible approach when agreeing our remuneration. We will agree and confirm in writing what our fees are before you appoint us to act on your behalf.

There is normally no charge for the initial meeting although this may not always be the case as some advice areas such as Care Fees can involve the adviser providing advice and guidance immediately. Any subsequent advice will incur a fee.

We will charge an initial fee for the implementation of your plan (although any fees paid prior to this will be taken into consideration). We will then charge an additional fee where we provide an ongoing review service. The fees will be in line with the time taken by our advisers and support teams to analyse your situation, undertake the necessary research and to develop your personal strategy.
Typically, the initial fee will range between 1% and 3% of the funds being invested. The fee for the ongoing review process will depend on the level of service that is agreed at outset and will range from 0.5% to 1% of the investments under management. Specialist advice areas such as retirement planning, mortgages, care fees planning and inheritance tax planning will be charged accordingly.

You can choose to pay our fees in a number of ways. We can arrange for them to be deducted from the monies which are invested or you can pay an hourly rate subject to our minimum fee.

You can choose to opt out of the review process at any time and the ongoing fee will cease. However, we will not provide ongoing advice.

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